Mock Test Sessions

What are the Mock Tests?

Mock Test sessions provide your child with the opportunity to experience what a real test environment is like. It will build their confidence while helping to reduce their nerves and the anxiety of sitting in a formal test without the worry of the consequences of getting it wrong.


In addition, these sessions will help to identify areas where parents can help their child in preparing for the actual tests, through the use of supporting material.


All of our Mock Transfer Tests follow the GL Multiple Choice format. Students will be provided with a Question booklet and separate answer sheet. Students will be encouraged to record their calculations or reasoning in the Question booklet.


Parents may book, as many or as few sessions as they wish, each test is different for all sessions. Each session will consist of:

  • an introduction to the test including mindfulness techniques.
  • Verbal Reasoning - 50 minute mock test in GL format covering 80 questions
  • a short break followed by;
  • Maths - a 50 minute Mock Maths test, covering 60 questions. (amended Sept 23)

Results & Ranking

Papers will be electronically scanned and results emailed giving a score, feedback and ranking based on those taking part.


Access To Papers
We realise the importance of parents supporting their child to prepare for these tests. Therefore, we offer access to papers via a Paper Review session the following week after each test (Subject to demand and availability of venue) 


Parents will be able to review the Question Paper and Answer sheets with their child. MTT staff are available to support and provide assistance. Please note our policy is not to release papers. (See more details)


Scanned Answers sheets - Don’t Lose Points For Bad Marks
Attending a mock test is not just about ability, it’s helping students understand and become familiar with the format and content of the test and the environment.
MTT are pleased to offer a real test experience with multiple choice answer sheets requiring students to put a horizontal line. For some this may appear easy, however students may lose points for poorly marked papers.
When scanning we note poorly completed answers sheets. These consisted of:
  • lines that were too faint, too small, diagonal, squiggly not clear.
  • additional marks on papers, such as circles, asterisk, underlines. The scanner may reject these papers, or mark incorrectly. Only boxes are to be marked as instructed.
  • pencils are too sharp resulting in thin lines, pencils are too grey so not picked up by the scanner.
MTT scan and audit papers so that poorly marked papers are amended and highlighted.   Scores are based on amended answers.  If you wish to see how your child marked their papers, please come along to the Paper Review
Our aim is to ensure EVERY student completes the answer sheet correctly.  Please don’t lose points for bad marks


Support Material

At the end of each session parents will have an opportunity to buy additional material/ books, test timers to assist with preparing their child for the tests.



The cost of these sessions are shown on the Service & Cost page


Booking an event

If you are interested in this session, please complete the Booking Form.  


All sessions are subject to availability. Alternative dates might be offered if fully booked or name added to a waiting list.