Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following frequently asked questions (FAQ's) are presented in sections. These are:

1. FAQ relating to the services and courses provided by Mock Transfer

2. SW Herts / Secondary Transfer Tests

Mock Transfer Test FAQ


Q.    What is the  verbal reasoning test?

A.     The  verbal reasoning test is being provided by GL (Granada Learning). 
           This consists of a Question Booklet and separate multiple choice answer sheet.


Q      How is it different to previous years?

A.      The new VR format is different and is not covered in the National Curriculum. 
            GL draw on a bank of question types, of which there are currently 21 different 
            question formats. Children are encouraged to practise via a tutor and through                        attending mock tests. 


Q.    What is the maths test?

A.    The maths tests is provided by GL. This consists of a Question Booklet and separate 
          multiple choice answer sheet. Unlike the VR paper, maths follows the National
          Curriculum so is covered in school.


Q.    What is the benefit of attending the  mock transfer sessions?

A.    Your child will be able to experience what a real test environment is like. This will help   to develop their confidence while helping to reduce their nerves and anxiety of sitting   in a formal test without the worry of the consequences of getting it wrong.


          Children will be exposed to the new GL multiple choice test format, so learning test       techniques, time management etc.


        In addition these sessions will help to identify areas where parents can help their 
 child in preparing for the actual tests, through the use of supporting material.


Q     What is the benefit of attending the Revision and Preparation

A     These sessions are aimed at helping to shake off the summer holiday cobwebs ready  to sit the actual tests in Sept. High energy, very focused.


Q     Why are schools not providing this service?

A     Schools are encouraged not to provide direct support for these tests as it is felt the tests should reflect a snapshot of a child's ability. Unfortunately while most aspects of the maths is covered under the national curriculum, verbal reasoning is not.


Q     How can I help my child close any gaps identified during the   mock tests?

A      We can advise on how best to support your child and  provide a number of books that    parents can use with their child at home to help close the gaps.


Q     Will you be providing tutoring services?

A      Yes we offer a range of services, Please see the link on this website


Q      Are the test papers the same as the actual tests?

A      As of Jan 2019, all our Mock Transfer Tests will be in a GL Multiple Choice format.
  We aim to replicate the actual test with all our events, based on the information


Q      What does my child need to bring to the mock tests?

A      Your child needs to bring pencils, ruler and rubber. They may bring a snack and water
   bottle. Any snacks need to be nut free. 


Q     Can parents stay at the venue during the sessions?

A      Unfortunately there is no accomodation for parents during the sessions. This is to 
  comply with Safeguarding requirements and to ensure  we replicate a true test   
  environment with minimise distractions.


Q     What if my child becomes poorly during the sessions?

A      By ensuring we have all contact details, parents will be contacted to collect their child
  early if necessary.


Q     When will papers be marked?

A      Papers will be marked using electronic scanners and results emailed to parents
  within 3 working days.  This will provide a score based on how your child performed
 in the test and their ranking based on all those who attended the session


Q     How will my child's papers be marked if they are Multiple   Choice?

A     Mock Transfer Tests is experienced in teaching and supporting the GL format. MTT has invested in computer based marking equipment, similar to those used by the SW Herts Consortium and apply stringent quality control to ensure papers are accurately marked.


Q      What if I want more detailed feedback and direction on how to    help my child.?

A      We offer Paper Review sessions, allowing parents to attend with their child to review    their papers. MTT staff will be on hand to help and advise. 


If parents wish to view the South West Herts Consortium / Secondary Transfer Test FAQ's, please follow this link