As parents who have been through the Secondary Transfer process ourselves, we understand how overwhelming it can be and at the end of the day, all we want is for our children to be given the opportunity and to do their best.


We are asked, what is our success rate, define "Success"


Success to  us is helping  children overcome their nerves and anxiety, to build their confidence so they can walk into the exam hall feeling good about themselves.


We are proud of the successes we've seen, but please dont take our word for it, we would like to share the feedback we've had from parents and students. 


Results taken from a survey issued in Oct 2018


From the start of the process in year 5 and to the exam in September of year 6, the MTT team have delivered clear and accurate information about the 11+. They have given my daughter a great deal of advice, support and reassurance, which has helped her to approach the exam with confidence.

JZ Oct 18


Fantastic team. Very helpful building confidence for my daughter. They made a difficult time much calmer and easier for us. A massive thank you.

AD Oct 18


MTT have really helped to guide us through the consortium process. Very helpful and good tutoring. Would definitely recommend!

CB Oct 18


Supportive. Friendly. Approachable. Invested in the children and their success

HW Oct 18


Invaluable !!

JS Oct 18


The mock transfer team are the only ones who have managed to demystify the 11+ process with an honest view on what you need to do to best prepare

SMc Oct 18


My daughter found the revision session for Maths extremely useful and she enjoyed it. The teachers are wonderful in every way; supportive and encouraging to the children. Thank you for all your help.

KC Oct 18


The mock tests were very helpful in terms of creating the sort of environment my son would encounter on the day of the real test. He consequently felt very relaxed when it came to the big day!

AW Oct 18


Dedicated and caring staff and would highly recommend

PT Oct 18


Highly recommended!!! My daughter did the Music mock test and she achieved 51/60 in the actual test, so got through to Stage 2. All the mock tests they provide are definitely worth doing.

GM Oct 18


My son achieved a very high mark in the music stage 1 process - mock tests invaluable for preparation. Thank you for your service.

LM Oct 18


Helpful and reassuring from a parent that knows and has experienced the secondary transfer tests with their own children

AR Oct 18


Survey Results Oct 2018