As parents who have been through the Secondary Transfer process ourselves, we understand how overwhelming it can be and at the end of the day, all we want is for our children to be given the opportunity and to do their best.


We are asked, what is our success rate, define "Success"


Success to  us is helping  children overcome their nerves and anxiety, to build their confidence so they can walk into the exam hall feeling good about themselves.


To walk in with a smile, to come out with a smile, knowing thye did their best.


We are proud of the successes we've seen, but please don't take our word for it, we would like to share the feedback we've had from parents and students. 


Thank you to those parents who have provided feedback.


MTT End to End Service. 
MTT has been fantastic. We signed our son up for classes an academic year ahead of the September '22 Consortium Schools Test. He benefited from being in a group setting and was keen and enjoyed attending. I feel this was due to the incremental improvement he saw in himself, learning from his mistakes and the reassurance he received.
The programme builds children's confidence over time through practice, familiarity with the format of the questions and understanding time management.
Getting him to the first mock test was difficult; he was apprehensive and didn't want to go. Gill took the time to phone and speak with him, giving a calm explanation of how things worked and encouragement. On the actual test day he was comfortable and had a well-founded idea of what to expect.

Andrew, Gill and the team's warmth and genuine commitment to helping young people runs throughout. They recognise that kids need to know what to expect - and to be prepared - to have the chance to do their best.

MTT has been incredibly worthwhile - a big thank you
Kind regards,



Mock Test (VR & Maths) Oct 2022

 Dear MTT

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the very supportive 11+ sessions and mock tests Emily attended throughout the Spring and Summer.  She found them very useful, and I believe they were pitched perfectly.  (We also did some mock tests with another company, and must say we both preferred the ones you offered!).

We found the Thursday evening  Paper Review sessions particularly useful..  


We are very proud to say Emily has scored a very well deserved 231 in her Consortium test, which will hopefully allow her to secure a place at one of her preferred schools.  So, we both say a big THANK YOU for supporting her in her journey.  We won’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone else looking for similar support with their 11+ in the future.

Kind regards,



Mock Music Test Oct 22
Dear All,
I hope my email finds you well.
We have just got results from Music 1st round. My son has gone to 2nd round with 46, the pass score was 44.
It was really worth sitting mocks, as it made him relaxed on the day, as he knew what to expect.
Kind regards

Mock Test (VR & Maths) Aug 2022

Hi Andrew & Gill,

Thank you for sending the results.


I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. E has now completed his third, and final, mock test and has found the whole process extremely valuable and helpful in preparing for his 11+. I wanted to express my thanks to you and all the facilitators on the day of the mock tests - E said everyone was really kind, helpful and supportive throughout the process.


It's a really great service you offer and hugely beneficial for the children. E has done really well in all his mocks and we hope he does as well in the real exam - but regardless of the outcome, this process has been really valuable as a learning experience for him. I'll be sure to look you up for my other two children and recommend you and your company to other parents looking for 11+ prep.


Many thanks,


Assessment Sept Sept 2021

Firstly thank you for running these sessions, these are very helpful for parents going through this process for the first time.  I found the parent session very useful and gave good overall insight on what to lookout for and key dates.

The level of detail provided in feedback report for mock test was very informative

Thank you for taking the time

Kind regards

Jeni..Sept 2021


Summer School – Music Sept 2021

Well the feedback I have for the extra workshops and classes she did over the summer holidays is that it was absolutely worth the money and time. 

She enjoyed it as well as set her up for preparation for the real thing.  She passed the stage one round for music test and is due to have round 2 next week. 

Thanks again. 

Kind regards

Lisa Sept 2021


Academic & Music 2021

Hope you are well.

I just want to let you know how the exams went. I was surprised to see so many people on the academic exam. Monique said that she has answered all of the questions and it was very easy for her. She found it easier than the mock exam. Now I understand why you giving difficult questions on the mock exam...?

The music exam was easy as well as per Monique quote. Will see the results on 16th September.

I hope for the best.

Kind regards,

Rumy Kraeva

- I have a good news - Monique is going to the second music exam next week. She has passed the test with 49 points

(Scored 45 on Stage 2 Music)


Academic Test - Sept 2021

I thought that I would just let you know that Ib......  came out of the exam beaming and with the huge smile on his face!

Regardless of the results, I will be endlessly grateful for all you have done for him (and me ?) - in terms of exam preparation and even more his confidence boosting. We could not have wished for a better team to help us on this challenging and lengthy journey.

You have always been so helpful and patient with the 100s of our questions and queries.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

B Sept 2021


My daughter Florissa had her first mock test today at 10am and I just wanted to say thank you to the lady who came over to help her as she was very nervous. She told me she was really lovely to her so thank you :)

Suzanne – June 2021





The mock tests are a really great way for the children to experience the test environment and help to reduce exam day nerves when it comes to the real thing.

Oct 2020


This service was very well organised and my daughter found this invaluable experience before her actual exam. Would definitely recommend.

Oct 2020


My daughter attended 2 mock tests and they really helped her feel better prepared for the actual test. It was a very positive, confidence building experience.

Oct 2020


I’ve used MTT for 2 years and they’ve been very helpful in preparation for the 11 plus including the music exam. They provide excellent feedback and are very friendly and approachable.

Oct 2020


This is the second time we’ve used this service and both times it has been excellent. Professional but also personal with great encouragement. An excellent way to build children’s confidence so that when they take the final test there are no nasty surprises and the children feel able to perform to the best of there ability.

Oct 2020


I  would like to thank you and Gill for all your efforts with S. Especially during covid, like many parents, I feel very  grateful that you came up with a plan very quickly on. 

SS Sept 2020


I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank for today. The lengths you guys went to in order to ensure everyone’s safety was outstanding and must of taken some time to pull a plan together, thank you. We really really appreciate the support you are giving to N to prepare him for his secondary entrance exam. 

Best wishes to yourself and all your team, keep well. 

E July 2020 


I just wanted to say well done and thank you for yesterday’s mock at Queen school. It was a logistical and organisational huge success and I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was, and I suspect some serious planning went into that! Drop off and pick up went so smoothly.
I felt that my daughter was in safe hands both in terms of the virus and also it being the first time I've just tipped my little first born out of the car to virtual strangers. Lol!

MN July 2020


I hope you are both well.

I’m just sitting here going through my emails and although it’s been a while since we were allocated our schools, thought I would let you know M got his first choice of school, St.Clement Danes.

We were absolutely delighted and wanted to thank you both for your support during the academic tests. We are sure without your tutoring, M  may not have achieved such a great outcome.

Thank you again,

D&G W June 2020


Just to let you know that our daughter managed to get her first choice school (Watford Girls) for entry this September, and also to say thank you, as we found the mock tests to be very helpful in preparing her (both mentally & practically) for the actual exams.

Thanks again & keep up the good work! You may well see our younger daughter in 2021 when it's her turn to prepare for her exams!

Kind Regards,

E C March 2020


Obviously it was a big day on Monday and both myself and A had said we wanted to let you know how things went for us. We were very lucky as A was offered a place at her 1st choice school which was Bushey Meads, I know this is no longer a consortium school, however as I have said before the time she spent with Gill over the last couple of years and the other teachers over the summer holidays did have a huge impact on her personally and I know this has set her up well for the move on to senior school, she is very excited and not at all concerned about moving on and it's so nice for us as parents to see that all the hard work she put in has made a difference regardless of the test results and the school she will now be going to.
Thanks again for all you did with her, I am sure I will be in touch again in a few years time when it is her brothers time to move on!
EM March 2020


Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for offering the service you do.
Our son sat his exam today and the fact he had a smile on his face when we collected him, spoke volumes.
He has repeatedly told us how much he had got from his (limited) sessions with you and also used your relaxation techniques today during the exams.
Irrespective of the results, we are exceptionally proud of him and hugely appreciate the assistance you have provided. I just wish we’d heard of you earlier on in the process!
I have already been recommending you to parents in my daughters class (she’s in year 4).
I wish you both massive success in the future with your business.

K Sept 2019


Results taken from a survey issued in Oct 2018


From the start of the process in year 5 and to the exam in September of year 6, the MTT team have delivered clear and accurate information about the 11+. They have given my daughter a great deal of advice, support and reassurance, which has helped her to approach the exam with confidence.

JZ Oct 18


Fantastic team. Very helpful building confidence for my daughter. They made a difficult time much calmer and easier for us. A massive thank you.

AD Oct 18


MTT have really helped to guide us through the consortium process. Very helpful and good tutoring. Would definitely recommend!

CB Oct 18


Supportive. Friendly. Approachable. Invested in the children and their success

HW Oct 18


Invaluable !!

JS Oct 18


The mock transfer team are the only ones who have managed to demystify the 11+ process with an honest view on what you need to do to best prepare

SMc Oct 18


My daughter found the revision session for Maths extremely useful and she enjoyed it. The teachers are wonderful in every way; supportive and encouraging to the children. Thank you for all your help.

KC Oct 18


The mock tests were very helpful in terms of creating the sort of environment my son would encounter on the day of the real test. He consequently felt very relaxed when it came to the big day!

AW Oct 18


Dedicated and caring staff and would highly recommend

PT Oct 18


Highly recommended!!! My daughter did the Music mock test and she achieved 51/60 in the actual test, so got through to Stage 2. All the mock tests they provide are definitely worth doing.

GM Oct 18


My son achieved a very high mark in the music stage 1 process - mock tests invaluable for preparation. Thank you for your service.

LM Oct 18


Helpful and reassuring from a parent that knows and has experienced the secondary transfer tests with their own children

AR Oct 18


Survey Results Oct 2018