Information & Our Approach

As a teacher, tutor, and parents who have been through the process with our own children, we understand the stress and anxiety families and their children can go through in the lead up to the secondary transfer test in Sept.


We also appreciate there is significant pressure put on families at the school gate and playground and the thought of embarking on a tutoring programme can be quite daunting both in terms of commitment and expense.


Mock Transfer have established a flexible programme of services that parents can choose from, this could be the full end to end programme, from initial assessment to revision prior to the test, or just the Mock Tests, or Revision sessions.


Mock Transfer offers Assessments, These are held in September once the children have settled into year 4 & 5 and cover both verbal reasoning and maths. The results help to establish a baseline and understand the child's aptitude for each subject, which helps inform parents and tutors on the best approach for each child.


MTT Tutoring

Mock Transfer offer a proven structured approach to help children prepare for the secondary transfer tests. Our tutoring has 3 stages;

- Foundation             - strong foundations, teach techniques. 

- Build and develop   - build on the foundations, expose to test format. 

- Refine & Improve    - Identify areas to work on, refine and close gaps.


Our approach is "Small steps build success".


3rd Party Tutors

Parents may have already engaged a tutor, this does not restrict parents from having their child sit an Assessment, Mock Test or participate in the Revision & Preparation sessions.  We actively work with local tutors sharing our approach, providing feedback, helping to identify areas for development.


Online Service

To encourage children to practise, Mock Transfer Tests, in conjunction with Learning Together, offers an online service. This service offers short tests with instant feedback. The service covers Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Maths.


Test Awareness Sessions (Academic, Music,Sport)

Test Awareness is a gentle introduction to sitting the academic test (VR & Maths) SW Herts Music, and Queens Sports Test.


Mock tests help with preparation for the SW Herts, Bucks and other Common Entrance exams.


Following a structured approach, this event is held in a small hall ensuring children are not overwhelmed by the environment, helping them to overcome their nerves and anxieties, while building their confidence. 



Mock Transfer Tests

These sessions are aimed at providing children with the experience of sitting a formal test in a real test environment, away from the comfort of a classroom, school hall or home.


They follow the same format as the actual tests covering both verbal reasoning (50 mins) and maths (50mins).


Paper Review Sessions

We do not release test papers due to copyright therefore offer the opportunity for parents and students to review papers together in our paper review sessions. These are only bookable for students who attended the mock test the previous week.


Although these are self- help sessions, (not a 121 with a tutor) our qualified staff, will be on hand to offer support and give students advice on how to learn from mistakes and ways to improve.


Mock Music Test

We have linked up with a local music teacher who will be conducting Mock Music Tests. The aim of these tests will be to help parents identify if their child has an aptitude for music. If they have they may wish to develop their child's music ability prior to the music test in Sept. 


Music Awareness Workshop

A new initiative in 2020 to further support students taking the SW Herts, was a Music Test Workshop. The aim is to provide assistance with techniques for each section in the test, experience an example test and provide Stage 2 guidance and preparation. Following the success in 2020 we are continuing this event.


Sports Awareness Session

These sessions support those children who wish to seek a place at Queens secondary school via the Queens Sports Test.  Offering students the unique  opportunity to try each of the activities and gain feedback and invaluable advice from our experienced team. Students receive a training booklet explaining each activity. 


Summer School

These sessions focus on preparing children for the actual test. Each session will cover elements of both Verbal Reasoning and Maths as well as general approaches and test techniques, with feedback provided directly to the children.


Summer Courses

2 day summer courses give students the opportunity to refine and improve test techniques with a focus on a specific subject.


During each session, students will be taught techniques to put into practice by sitting a practice paper, which they will then mark and gain instant feedback with clarification on any errors made.


Revision & Preparation Sessions

These sessions are aimed at helping to blow away the summer holiday cobwebs to remind children what they have already been taught and fine tune their test techniques prior to sitting the actual tests in Sept.The sessions are bespoke and cover common errors made by the current cohort when sitting MTT VR & Maths tests.


We hope we have a session that fits your needs, please contact us if you wish to find out more details. More information can be found on the various pages displayed to the left.