Mock Music Workshop

Stage 1

Our qualified and experienced music teacher will advise and give guidance on each section, focusing on test technique and highlighting how to tackle each of the 4 sections in the test.





The workshop will consist of an opportunity to try each section with an example mock test. This is self-marked, followed by a re-run so that students can learn from any mistakes, explaining how to listen out for differences in subtleties within each section to become more aware and better prepared.

Stage 2

In response to parents’ requests we have introduced a new feature to help with preparing for Stage 2. The SW Herts Music Test consists of 2 stages. Stage 1 is a listening test as detailed above. Stage 2 is a performance.

To support students our experienced tutor will give an overview of how Stage 2 is conducted offering tips and advice  on how to enhance performance to gain vital points on the day. Please note this does not include the performance element, so no instruments are required.