Planning your year

Planning the year to help support and prepare your child for the Secondary Transfer tests (11+) can be daunting. Too little, will they be ready? Too much will they burn out and peak too soon?


Our structured programme aims to help parents support their child, offering a range of events over the year. 


As parents ourselves, we realise the importance of balancing studies with family life.  The following offers advice and guidance for parents to view. 


The following are examples for each subject, as each student has different needs, they may benefit from more or less sessions. Students are required to take the academic test (VR & Maths), Sports and Music are optional.

Academic Test 
Test Awareness   >  MTT March  >  MTT  May  >  Summer course  >  Revision & Prep >  MTT Aug

Sports Test 
Test Awareness  
>      Test Awareness April    >       Test Awareness June   >     Test Awareness Aug

Music Test 

Test Awareness   >          MAT April        >        MAT  June       >       MAT  July       >       MAT Aug      



To select and book any of our events, please use the navigation buttons to follow the links to our online booking system.


Parents can select and pay online using a credit or debit card. Parents will receive an emailed confirmation and receipt of their booking.


We know things change – flexible bookings

As parents ourselves, we know how difficult it is to juggle family schedules and recognise that things can change. To help, we have enhanced our booking system which offers a more flexible booking process.  


Where parents have booked and paid online, we are now able to move the booking to an alternative date should the need arise. This will help parents to take advantage of our discount if 3 or more MTT are booked, knowing they have the option to move a date.


We ask that parents put their request in writing no later than 72 hours prior to the event, once amended parents will receive a new confirmation.  Late notice (Less than 72 hours)  may not be possible or result in additional fees as test papers are pre-printed with students’ details.  (An admin fee may be applied for requests.)


VR & Maths                       The following helps support the academic test.

Test Awareness

 Half Term Mon  Feb (AM)


Informal environment, gentle introduction,
explains format & content, sample papers, puts
tutoring into context, “Makes it real”



Mock Transfer Test

Recommend students attend tests early i.e. March


MTTs available each month

Formal exam environment, GL Assessment multiple
choice papers, helps reduce nerves and anxiety, adds
confidence and self-esteem, helps identify learning


3 is the magic number, 1st test nerves, 2nd test more
aware, 3rd delivery & ability.


10 MTT tests available. All different. Attend 3 or more
save 10% per test, spread bookings.


Paper Review

Parents and students attend after each MTT

Access to papers, constructive opportunity for
students to review their papers


Qualified staff available to offer support and
methods to help students learn from
their mistakes


Attend next MTT (Mock) put into practise lessons
learnt in paper review



Holiday Support

Holidays are important – end of school year,
children may be tired and lose focus.


For those who wish to practise while away, we
can support children with our Online service &
range of 10-minute test books.

Summer Courses

July - August

2-day subject specific courses (2 Verbal
Reasoning courses & 2 Maths courses)


Formal environment offering mock papers,
instant feedback opportunity to refine and
improve test technique.


10% discount if 2 or more courses are booked
and paid for at the same time.


Summer School

July – August

Informal classes covering VR & Msths


Please book online Mon - Fri 10am - 12.00


Attend as many classes as you wish.

Discount for weekly bookings


Revision & Preparation

Last week of August

A must for all. Blow away holiday cobwebs,
high energy subject focused days to help
remind students how successful they can be.


Helps them re-focus, fine tune test techniques
ready for the tests. (Those attending have seen,
increased scores by 20%. based on a test prior
to R&P sessions)



Mock Transfer Test

End of August

Final Mock Transfer Test before the actucal
SW Herts / 11+ tests


Put into practise the techniques learnt from
the Revision & Preparation sessions



Queens Sports Test   supports the Sports test.

Sports Awareness



4 sessions Feb - August


Queens' Sports Test awareness for those
considering Queens Secondary School


Attend early in the year to gain knowledge of
each activity in the test, receive training booklet
have time to train, attend future Sport
Awareness Sessions to track progress.


Sessions are supported by former Queens
6th Form PE students with awareness of the
actual test.


Excellent track record, over 10 students have
gained these highly competitive places at
Queens through sports with our help.


SW Herts Music Stage 1  supports SW Herts Music Test Stage 1

Music Test Awareness

Half term  Feb (PM)


Mock Music Tests (MAT) take place every month starting March

Unsure if your child has an aptitude for music?


Music Awareness and Mock Music Aptitude
Tests (MAT) offer the opportunity to find out.


Attend early sessions to allow children time to
learn an instrument or practice a performance


Excellent track record with a  high percentage of
students passing the Stage 1 music test to be
called back for Stage 2 and gaining a place at
the school of their choice.