Mock Transfer Tests

Terms & Conditions



Parents (Guardians) booking a service with Mock Transfer Tests (hereafter MTT) shall be bound by the terms and conditions as outlined below. They are not intended to restrict or be overbearing on either party, but to provide a framework under which both parties agree to follow.


Sessions are run by MTT are based on the format of the South West Herts consortium tests. While papers used in the mock tests are to the best of our knowledge aligned with the consortium tests and are primarily aimed at providing a test experience,  MTT we cannot guarantee  the actual tests will not change.



MTT offers the services of 3rd party associate tutors. Tutors follow a similar programme, however this may be adapted to meet the needs of each student.


MTT use only qualified teachers that have a current DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate.


MTT takes every effort to ensure tutors provide the appropriate level of service, however engaging a tutor cannot guarantee specific results or that a child will be accepted by a school of their choice.


MTT in discussion with parents, will assign an appropriate tutor for the service requested. This shall be based on the information provided by the parents or as a result of an Assessment.


Parents should raise any concerns with the tutor in the first instance or contact MTT to discuss and agree what action is required.


Direct Approach

Tutors are assigned students via Mock Transfer Tests. Any approach by parents to engage a tutor directly, may  result in:

  • the service being terminated with immediate effect
  • the full cost of the service may be invoiced, or as a minimum, the commission and administration element of the cost of the service will be invoiced for the remainder of the service period (This may include all term dates)

These terms apply to subsequent or addtional services and shall be enforced. This shall include siblings, Year 4 students moving to Year 5, or extra servcies to support students when moving into Year 6 or over holiday periods. 


Tutor are sourced, approved and verifcied by MTT who carry out DBS checks and put in place appropriate insurances. Should a tutor enage directly, these will become void and MTT will not be held liable for any subsequent concerns or incidents.


These terms are not intended to restrict  tutors earning an income. Tutors are able to terminate their agreement with MTT, but any students associated with them while under the MTT umbrella, shall be liable to the above terms for a minimum period 6 months.  


Support Materials

Support materials such as books, are provided under license and should not be copied, given or sold to other parties. 

These support materials are to the best of our knowledge aligned with the consortium tests and are aimed at assisting parents to work with their child at home, we cannot guarantee the actual tests will not change.

Where a parent completes and submits a booking request or sends an email to MTT to book an event or session, they are committing themselves to the service and bound by these terms and conditions.

Where a parent wishes to make an amendment or cancel a booking of an assessment, mock test or other event / session, this must be in writing and acknowledged by MTT.  MTT will amend / cancel the booking as requested and provide a written confirmation.

MTT reserve the right to apply an administration fee to any amended or cancelled booking. The fee of £10 may be applied to each amendment or cancellation.

Where a parent wishes to terminate an end to end course mid-way, this should be in writing and acknowledged by MTT.  If spaces cannot be filled, MTT may apply 50%  of the outstanding fee for the remaining weeks/sessions.

Where a course (class) is booked, MTT may offer a trial class (at cost) prior to a parent committing to a full term. (School term). Once agreement to attend a course, there is an expectation that students shall attend all classes. (ongoing unless cancelled)

Where a parents subsiquently wishes to cancel a  course, MTT required a minimum on 4 weeks notice in writing, acknowledged by MTT. Students may continue to attend classes, or parents may elect not to send their child to the classes during this 4 week terminiation period. 

Where a course is cancelled MTT will reiew the account, advising parents if there is balance to pay. Where the full value has been paid, MTT will refund any balance via the appropriate payment channel.

Where a child is unable to attend a session due to unforeseen reasons, (sickness, family issue) MTT will endeavour,  where possible, to accommodate them in an alternative session.

Where a child does not show up for a session (No Show) and parents have not notified MTT, MTT may:

  1. charge for the session in full where it was felt  the reason and notice period were unreasonable. (See refunds below)
  2. charge for the session in full if this is a reoccurring issue.
  3. issue with a credit against future sessions or
  4. offer a refund.

 (Note an administration fee may be applied, see above)

MTT reserves the right not to accept any  or all bookings from a parent where appropriate and reasonable.

Where the course is cancelled by MTT participants will be notified as soon as possible and where possible an alternative day/ date will be offered, or a refund offered.

Force Majeure

(Act of god, floods, power cuts etc)- Where the course is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, MTT  will endeavour to contact participants as early as possible and where possible arrange for an alternative venue, or day/date, or offer a refund. MTT cannot be held responsible for costs incurred such as travel in these situations.


Inappropriate behaviour

The aim of the mock tests is to provide children with the experience of a real, formal test environment, and /or tutoring services. Therefore to be fair to all those attending, if any child is found to be disruptive, refuses to follow directions provided by MTT staff, they will be asked to leave the course room / test environment and their parents contacted to collect them and they will not be entitled to a refund.

The aim of the mock tests is to provide children with the experience of a real, formal test environment. Therefore the timing of these tests is a critical factor.

  1. Late arrivals – if a child is going to be late for a mock test or  tutoring session, parents should make every effort to notify MTT or the appropriate tutor to advise.

Where a child is late they may not be allowed to enter until there is a break  and then only at the discretion of MTT staff. Time missed will not be refunded.

  1. End of the session – MTT request that parents arrive on time to collect their children. We appreciate parents may get held up in traffic and will mind children for a reasonable period of time, but cannot be held responsible for children after the session is closed.

Payment Terms

MTT offers flexible payment terms for tutoring sessions.

Where an end  to end or full session is booked, parents are able to pay weekly or pay in advance for the entire course.

A 50% deposit is required to secure bookings for Mock Test and Revision and Preparation sessions. Payment details are provided once parents have completed the registration form.

MTT cannot guarantee a child’s place unless a deposit or full amount is paid in advance.

MTT may at their own discretion agree alternative payment terms where a booking is made near to the MTT or Revision & Preparation dates.

Payment methods 

MTT (at this time) is only able to accept payment via the following methods. Cheques drawn against a UK bank, Cash or electronic/ online payment (BACS)

Cheques – made payable as instructed. If a cheque is not honoured (paid ) by the bank, any additional charges will be passed onto the parents and their child will not be able to attend the next session until payment is received.

BACS – where a payment is to be made via an online transaction, details will be made available to parents on request.

Late payment

MTT operate a flexible approach to payment, allowing parents to pay in accordance to their circumstances. However there is an expectation that fees are paid on the day or in advance for classes, events and tutoring services. 


Statements will be issued on a regular basis to ensure parents are aware of their commitments and amounts due.


MTT may, at their own discretion, agree alternative payment terms where such circumstances change and MTT are notified in advance.


Where a balance becomes overdue (After the event or class) MTT will contact the parent to seek clarification and confirm when payment will be settled.


Where the parent continues to default on payment the following steps will be implemented.

  1. the parent shall be contacted by phone /email  to discuss settlement.
  2. the parent shall receive a letter clearly stating the balance and payment details.
  3. the account shall be frozen no further services shall be provided until payment is made in full. (MTT, at its own discretion, may close the account permanently)
  4. an administration fee of £10 per follow up, shall be applied


If after every effort to seek an amicable settlement, the balance remains unpaid, MTT will seek to recover funds via the small claims court. If this course of action is taken the following additional costs shall be applied to the account:


  1. all fees incurred in the Small Claims process
  2. interest  8%  shall be applied to the balance
  3. administration costs covering the time & effort to administer the account



Services booked - Where a parent has committed to a full tutoring course, if a parent wishes to terminate,  a 50%  fee may be charged for the remaining sessions if MTT is unable to fill the spaces. MTT shall take reasonable efforts to fill the space.

Other sessions – Parents have the right to cancel a booked session (Tests / Revision sessions). Cancellations must in in writing via an email, text or letter and must be acknowledged by MTT.  As much notice as possible is required so as to plan the venue and staff.

7 days notice or more        A FULL refund will be provided on sessions booked.

2 - 7 days notice                50% of the course fee will be refunded if paid in full, or deposit retained

2 days notice                      100% of course fee shall be paid,  No refund shall be made

Where MTT receive no notification the full amount for that session shall be paid.

Mock Transfer reserve the right to apply an administration fee to any amended or cancelled booking. The fee of £10 may be applied to each amendment or cancellation, in addition to any balance of fees due.

Support Material -where a book, game  or other support material is purchased , no refunds will be given unless there is a manufacturing fault with the item.  If an item is purchased in error, is unused, not marked and in a re-sellable condition, an exchange may be offered. This does not affect your statutory rights under the sale of good act 1979.


Belongings - MTT does not accept any liability for lost or damaged property while attending a session. Children shall be responsible at all times for their own belongings. (It is suggested that nothing of value is left with children and if so, parents do so at their own risk)

Scores and Schools - While mock tests aim to replicate and provide actual tests experience, MTT are not able to replicate the same Standardised Score (As shown on Consortium School websites). These scores have additional criteria added such as a child’s date of birth to ensure fairness across all children taking the test.

MTT cannot guarantee or accept any liability for how each child performs on the day, during the actual tests. Nor can MTT guarantee children will get one or any of the schools of their choice.



Should a parents wish to raise a complaint , they should contact MTT as soon as possible. (Initially by phone) to discuss the concern.  MTT shall record the points raised and the agreed remedy. 

Where appropriate, parents may be asked to provide their concerns in writing. Upon receipt MTT will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours. MTT will investigate the concerns and provide regular updates to parents until all points have been addressed.



The information provided on this website has been developed by MTT for the purposes of helping parents to prepare their child for the secondary transfer tests in Sept. (Otherwise known as the South West Herts Consortium tests). The content of this website is accurate at the time of being published and is for information purposes only.

Every endeavour will be made to ensure it is maintained and all information current. MTT make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at parents own risk.


3rd Party Links 

MTT cannot guarantee or be responsible for information provided on any linked 3rd party site, with the exception of the Online Service provided by Learning Together. Users are responsible for and should satisfy themselves that any information they are reviewing /using on a 3rd party linked site is correct and accurate. MTT does not accept any liability for how people read, or use the information contained within this website.


Learning Together

MTT outsource the Online Service to Learning Together. Parents should read and agree to the terms and conditions on the Learning Together website.


Data Protection – Act 1998

For the purposes of this section,, please refer to the GDPR Privacy Policy for full details. (GDPR May 2018)  



Updated 24th May 2018