Assessment - Verbal Reasoning & Maths



In each assessment session, children will take a test to assess their aptitude in relation to the applicable subject, verbal reasoning and maths.



The test will take place in a formal test environment. Children will have the test explained, shown an example and given some familiarisation questions to answer before the test. The session, covering both verbal reasoning and maths, will last 2 hours. (Please note there will be a break and refreshments provided between subjects)



Papers will be taken away for marking, the results emailed to parents within 3 working days.


The results will help to inform us, parents and tutors of the child's aptitude and level of support they require. Where a child is to be tutored by Mock Transfer Tests, the results will help to ensure children are suitably grouped for tutoring.



MTT offer all students who enrol and commit to a minimum of a term’s classes by noon on the 14th Sept, the Assessment for £10, saving £19.50 off the standard rate. A discount code will be issued once parents confirm enrolment.


This offer applies to assessment only, no cash alternatives, codes must not be shared, any breach will result in the full fee being invoiced, not transferable, T’s & C’s apply. Please note that those who may have already booked the assessment will have their account credited.

To book the assessment:


 (Please note enroling requires a minimum of one term commitment)


Booking a session

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All session are subject to availability. Alternative dates might be offered if fully booked.