To help support parents and students during these unprecedented times, we have moved our Tutoring Classes and Mock Tests Online.


Our aim is to provide a qualified teacher to help support parents with Home-Schooling their children, to make classes interactive, allowing students to enage and seek assurances from their tutor as well as to be part of a live forum with their fellow students.



To help students engage with the  Online Classes and the Mock Tests, students should be located in a quiet space,away from daily distractions, and have access to an internet ready device, PC laptop or iPad.


MTT will send an invitation to join the Class or Mock Test via an email.


MTT are only permitted to send the email to a parents' email address to comply with Safeguarding and Data Protection policies.


MTT will be using a combination of ZOOM for video conferencing and Google Classroom for support material and online mock tests.


No licenses, please don't worry, the invitation will assist parents with setting these up and gaining access to the applications.


MTT Online Classes – Year 4 & Year 5 

Hosted by our qualified teachers, MTT offer interactive video sessions covering Verbal Reasoning & Maths, supported by online material.


Classes last for an hour and take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.(More days and time may be added depending on demand)


If parents would like more details, please contact us, or register using the following link.


Support material will be made available online, if students require books, these can be delivered to your doorstep. 


Class fee is £20 per class plus books.

MTT Online Mock Transfer Tests (VR & Maths & Music Tests)

Until further notice, all Mock Transfer Tests (MTT - VR & Maths) and Mock Music Tests (MAT) will be conducted online.


Mock Transfer Tests (MTT- VR & Maths)

Video welcome and introduction, followed by time released papers. Students will be given instuctions, then complete and submit answers online.


MTT staff will be available with technical support for parents throughout the session, if required. Once papers are submitted, MTT will mark and email reports giving answers, scores and ranking.


Mock Music ApptitudeTest (MAT)

Interactive session with qualified music teacher. Session consists of  familiarisation and 2 mock tests. Students complete the online answer sheet and submit. MTT will mark papers and email reports giving scores and ranking.



If parents would like to book one of our Mock Tests, please follow this link.

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