MTT Subscription Services

Mock Transfer Tests are pleased to offer a new payment option to assist parents in planning the year ahead.

The end to end Secondary Transfer process can be overwhelming and appear complex. Building on the services and flexible approach MTT have already established, our aim is to enhance our services giving parents the peace of mind that the year ahead is planned and budgeted for, with a fixed monthly fee. (Direct Debit or Lodged Card payments)


We offer three levels of subscription, Bronze, Silver and Gold. These offer:

  • weekly classes, books, follow up emails
  • pre-booked events, Mock Tests are pre-booked by MTT throughout the year.
  • flexible booking system, transfer bookings if required. (Terms apply)
  • fixed monthly fee. Budgeted for the year.
  • commitment for the duration of the agreement (July / August 2021)
  • cancel, upgrade, downgrade, change subscription at any time
  • subscriber benefits, priority bookings, free gifts, etc

MTT Hall Standard Rates 

Venue: MTT, Scout Hall, Chalk Hill, Bushey.  

Note: Rates will increase from January 2021 - rates also cover online classes.

MTT After School Club Rates

The rates shown are for students attending schools where an After School club is run

Note: Rates will increase from January 2021, rates also cover online classes.

.See link



Definitions of the subscriber packages

              Weekly class

Class conducted by MTT following structured programme, Inline with school term dates (unless otherwise agreed)


              Qualified teacher

Qualified teacher recognised by the Dept of Education


              Tutor Assistant

Support person, to assist teacher and safeguarding during classes



Varied papers, exercises, tasks and other resource to support teaching/ learning



Work set by tutor to help students reinforce completed in the class, help secure their learning, identify areas to follow up and address. Normally 1 per subject.


              Follow up email

Tutor emails parents explaining what areas were covered in class and advise on the homework set.


              Support material

MTT aims to expose students to a variety of material


              Starter pack

Book bag, VR & Maths books, notebook, stationery set, whiteboard, and pen.



Books required to support the next stage of the programme.


              Online portal

Online service offering interactive, online revision, tests to support homework and understanding.



MTT offer range of events to support students. Mock Tests offer the opportunity to experience a test environment, reduce nerves, build confidence.


              Mock Transfer

Academic test covering Verbal Reasoning (80 questions/ 50mins) Maths (50 questions /50mins).


              Mock Music

SW Herts stage 1 listening test. 60 questions, 4 sections


              Sports Awareness

Queens sports test


              Paper review

Access to tests papers allowing parent to review with their child after each Mock Test (VR & Maths) Self-help. *


              121 Paper Review

One2One paper review with an MTT tutor offer advice and guidance.  (20min face to face or ZOOM session) *


              Booking transfer

Bookings can be transferred to an alternative date once booked, offering flexibility.

              Revision & Prep

Subject specific, high energy sessions to help students refocus and prepare for the actual tests


              Priority bookings

Subscribers will be given priority to book places at all events subject to availability. (Terms apply)


              Test Essential Kit

Exam grade, multiple choice, stationery kit, pencils, eraser, sharpener



Savings are based on the MTT standard rates offered at the MTT Hall.


            * Subject to COVID guidelines and restrictions in place at the time.